About us

New Forest Estates was founded in 2005 by Brian Reeves. The service provided is to source exactly the car you want, at a competitive price.

What’s the benefit in buying from New Forest Estates?
There are a lot of used cars in the world, and finding the right one can often seem like a daunting task.

Not everyone enjoys running the gauntlet of enthusiastic young salesmen, and with the experience of many years of car sales with large dealerships behind us, we can help you find a car that suits you exactly, at a price you can afford.

Why an estate car?
Whilst not confining ourselves exclusively to estates, in our opinion they offer the ultimate in versatility. In recent years, we have also been keen to promote electric and hybrid vehicles which are rapidly increasing in popularity.

Should I buy an ex-company car?
In excess of 95% of new cars sold in the UK are bought by companies who keep them on average for two to three years (the life of the warranty). Although the mileage is often high, they have invariably spent most of their life at steady speeds on motorways, and have been serviced and regularly maintained regardless of cost. By buying a relatively young car, which is cheaper due to the higher mileage, you are choosing a vehicle, which has the benefits of all the latest specification and improvements (and of course a later registration number).

Where do they come from?
We buy from private individuals, auctions and main dealers.

Am I obliged to buy the car?
We are prepared to source a car for you, which you can have inspected by an independent garage, and then either buy or reject, with absolutely no obligation. If you decide not to buy, then we’ll sell it to someone else. It’s as simple as that.

We are not a car supermarket

New Forest Estates is not a Car Supermarket! We are as far away from that experience as you you can possibly imagine. We are fortunate to be located at a the newly-refurbished East Boldre Garage, situated in a lovely quiet corner of the New Forest, surrounded by open heathland, where you’ll find ponies, cows and donkeys frequently on the forecourt. There’s no high pressure selling here, just good old fashioned courteous customer service. Our local pub “The Turfcutters” serve a good lunch, or perhaps you could treat yourself to an ice cream at Hatchet Pond? The web-site is up-dated daily, but it’s always a good idea to call before setting off, to make sure the car you’re interested in has not been sold.