The Background... New Forest Estates was founded in 2005, and the many satisfied customers are testimony to the fact that we must be doing something right. Central to this is good communication and responding quickly to customer’s needs. Increasingly a large part of what we do is finding specific cars to suit customer’s requirements in terms of specification and price.

How It Works... You give us a ‘wish list‘ of the car you would like to buy. As an account holder with the large auctions, we can access their websites and look for suitable cars, which are coming up for sale within the next couple of weeks. we can then target any which look as though they might suit you. Spending three or four days every week at sales, we see thousands of cars passing through, which gives us the opportunity to select the very best of what’s available, often phoning customers from the sale to talk through what’s on offer. A typical car will be one-owner, having come direct from a leasing company at the end of its fixed term lease, and have a full main dealer service history.

The car is delivered here, where it’s given a thorough check-over and MOT test at East Boldre Garage. At this point of course the car is ours, and any responsibility for repair cost is down to us.

You then can test drive or have the car independently inspected, and decide if it’s the car for you, with absolutely no obligation to buy.

If you decide not to buy, we advertise it and sell it in the usual way, it’s as simple as that. Having successfully suited a great many customers this way, we know that the system works, and our faith in it is backed up by the number of customer referrals and several cases of repeat business.

Phone me, Brian Reeves on 01590 671338 for details.

Wouldn’t it be cheaper for me to buy directly from an auction myself?...perhaps, but you would be buying absolutely ‘sold as seen’. Whereas by the time it’s been thoroughly inspected by East Boldre Garage and given a new MOT, it becomes a ‘known item’, and you can decide whether to buy or not only after that inspection.

Also most people haven’t got the time to spend hours at sales with no certainty that a suitable car will be there anyway. we can take the hassle out of buying a car for you, and our aim is to make the transaction as smooth and easy for you as we possibly can.